Salad of cod liver with rice (2)

→ Salad of cod liver with rice (2)

picture - Salad of cod liver with rice (2)

Required Products:

200 g Canned cod liver

180 g rice boiled

3 pcs. sweet pepper

2 onions - head

3 pcs. eggs

100 g Canned green peas
some peas to choose? we'll show

3 pcs. pickles

1 dill - beam

ground black pepper, salt

Onion and bell pepper cut into strips, cucumber - lomtikami.Yaytsa and cod liver chop, add green peas, rice and chopped vegetables, salt, pepper, add the chopped dill and fill of canned food. Gently mix.

When serving salad lay in a salad bowl, complete your egg, sliced and lettuce.

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