Salad with cold-smoked fish

→ Salad with cold-smoked fish

picture - Salad with cold-smoked fish

To prepare the salad You will need:

1 PCs cold-smoked fish

1/4 fresh cabbage is part of a small head of cabbage

1 PCs carrots

2 tbsp. pickled onions

2 fresh or canned sweet pepper - pod

1/2 glass canned green peas
some peas to choose? we'll show

1/2 glass salad dressing

2 tbsp. vinegar 3%

Cabbage chopped thin strips, season with vinegar, a little warm up before subsidence of cabbage on the bottom of the pan and cool. Carrots and bell pepper and cut into thin strips. Fish, cut into fillets without skin and bones, cut into slices, combine with vegetables, green peas and pour vinaigrette.

How to choose electrocopying. We'll show you.

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