Portion Christmas snack cake with cheese

→ Portion Christmas snack cake with cheese

picture - Portion Christmas snack cake with cheese

For the cakes:

100 g greenery

6 eggs

3 Art. l. tomato ketchup

3 Art. l. milk or cream
what milk to choose? we'll show

3 h. l. grated hard cheese

3 h. l. flour



200 g cheese

1 sweet pepper

2-3 Art. l. mayonnaise


Bake three different omelets.

Yellow: 2 eggs, 1 tablespoon cream, 1 tsp flour, 1 tsp grated cheese, salt and beat, with the lid on the pan until ready to bake.

Red: the same ingredients that yellow, plus 1 pinch red pepper and 3 tbsp ketchup.

Green: the same ingredients as for yellow, plus chopped parsley and dill, add the spinach.

Cream pepper finely chopped, rubbed on a fine grater cheese, combine all with mayonnaise, salt the and mix.

Put each other omelets, promazyvaya cream.

With a sharp knife cut the cake into pieces a la carte - the middle of the piece is round, for beauty with a wide side of the pieces of cake to cut corners.

Before serving on the New Year's table draw continental Christmas snack cake with cheese rosettes of tomatoes, sliced carrots, greens and mayonnaise of confectionery syringe.

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