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Chicken rolls - delicious snacks or hot main course, which is always great shows on his desk. This dish will delight and impress guests home and cook it easy and simple!

If you are going to receive guests or just want to please the home delicious mouth-watering dishes, the chicken rolls - what you need! They can be prepared with a variety of fillings to suit all tastes, and quite quickly and easily. We will talk about the most simple, interesting and delicious recipes Chicken rolls that can be served as a hot or cold snack, and garnish with the main course.

Recipe One: Simple chicken rolls with egg

You will need: 1 chicken breast, 3 eggs, green onions / dill, spices for chicken, salt.

How to cook a simple chicken rolls with egg. Cut off from the breast fillets thin layers so that they get four, rub with salt and spices. Beat the eggs with herbs and salt and bake 4 thin round omletika. For each omelet lay fillets, wrapped roll, fasten thread. Bake rolls in a preheated 180 degree oven for 30 minutes.

You can cook these rolls otherwise, wrapped them in chicken skin, first laid out the skin on her - scrambled eggs, and on top - chicken. These rolls have to fry in a pan and then the lid cook until ready.

Second recipe: Chicken rolls with mushrooms

You need: 6 fillets of chicken, fresh mushrooms 220g, 4 eggs, 1 onion, 2 tablespoons mayonnaise, pepper, salt, vegetable oil.

How to cook the chicken rolls with mushrooms. Over high heat 3min fry the onion, add chopped mushrooms, remove from the heat, to drive the egg, mix well. Chicken fillet repulse so to get a flat layers, each lay out the filling, roll up roll and fasten thread. Coat with butter rolls, put on the laid foil pan, grease the foil with oil, put the rolls and bake them until browning, turning 1-2 times during baking.

Third recipe: Chicken rolls with prunes

You will need: 4 chicken breast fillets, dried prunes fruit 4, 60g feta cheese, 1 onion, vegetable oil, salt.

How to cook the chicken rolls with prunes. Finely chop the onion and fry in butter, salted before browning. Prunes chop, mash the cheese and mix all with a bow. Fillets wash, dry, cut each diagonally into 3 parts, rub with salt. Each layer of fillets put 2 tsp filling, fold rolls and fasten them with toothpicks. You can bake these rolls in the oven or fry in a pan until cooked.

In a previous recipes offered to wrap rolls of chicken in chicken skin, and can be used for this other product, making fillets still tender and tasty - bacon.

Recipe Four: Chicken rolls with bacon

picture - Chicken rolls 6 recipes

You will need: 700g chicken fillet 200g bacon, 150g of cheese curd, for 30g dill and parsley, 20ml vegetable oil 2 sweet red pepper, 2 tsp salt, 1 tsp ground black pepper.

How to cook chicken in bacon rolls. Along the cut chicken breast halves into two plastic or three, each plastic slightly beat off, rub with salt and pepper, brush not thick layer of cottage cheese, sprinkle with chopped herbs mixed with finely chopped sweet pepper, roll rolls. Wrap each roll in a strip of bacon. Put rolls in a greased baking dish, place in a preheated 180 degree oven and bake for half an hour.

For the preparation of chicken rolls not only suitable fillet, but also, for example, the leg.

Fifth recipe: Chicken rolls of legs

You will need: 1 kg chicken legs, 4 pickled cucumbers, 1 tbsp vegetable oil, mustard, ketchup and honey, black pepper, salt.

How to cook chicken legs from the rolls. Of the legs gently without damaging the skin, remove the seeds from the meat, and then on the same side lightly beat off, rub with salt and pepper. Share on each layer of meat a quarter pickles, roll rolls out skin. Mix mustard with honey, ketchup and butter, pour the sauce rolls and leave 7-12ch. Put rolls in the sauce in a baking dish, bake in preheated oven for 40 minutes in average temperature.

You can cook the chicken rolls and sauce.

Sixth recipe: Chicken rolls, baked in sauce

Need: to 150ml of tomato juice and cream of 10-15% / low-fat sour cream, 100g of cheese, 4 chicken breast fillets, 1 carrot, 2 tablespoons vegetable oil, parsley, pepper, salt.

How to cook the chicken rolls with carrots in cream sauce. Cut each fillet in half lengthwise slices on a flat, repelling them through the plastic wrap, rub with salt and pepper. Rub on a coarse grater cheese and carrots and mix them, adding also chopped greens, put the mixture on layers of chicken, roll rolls, stab wooden toothpicks. Fry the rolls in a pan with hot oil until browning, then pour the sour cream mixed with tomato juice. Pepper and salt, put 20-25min rolls on low heat.

Taking the any of the offered recipes, you can change the composition of the ingredients for the filling and make rolls of chicken to your taste. Any of them can be wrapped in bacon, put in some sauce to taste, bake in the oven in a sauce - Adjusts recipes to your taste and enjoy cooked delicious rolls!

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