Cake-pie "Cottage cheese and tangerine"

→ Cake-pie "Cottage cheese and tangerine"

picture - Cake-pie "Cottage cheese and tangerine"


140 g flour
some flour to choose? we'll show

50 g sugar

50 g butter

1 egg

baking powder


500 g cottage cheese

250 g milk

100 g sugar

2 eggs

1 bag pudding

? h. l. vegetable oil


Combine sugar, butter and eggs at room temperature, whisk, add the flour baking powder, mix, combine the flour with the egg mixture slowly, with constant whipping, the dough should have a thick, put it in shape, smooth.

Preparation of the filling: combine eggs, cottage cheese, milk, sugar, butter and dry pudding (classic or creamy), beat all the blender, then pour in the batter cooked weight, put on the cake slices of mandarin.

Bake cake-pie "Cottage cheese and tangerine" at 160 degrees for an hour.

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