Potato croquettes (2)

→ Potato croquettes (2)

picture - Potato croquettes (2)

4 pcs. potato

1 h. l. butter

3 Art. l. wheat flour
some flour to choose? we'll show

1 pcs. egg

2 Art. l. breadcrumbs

2 glass vegetable oil

Salt - to taste

Boil the potatoes in salted water until tender, lightly kilned and wipe hot.

Potato mixture cool slightly, add egg yolks, melted butter, flour and stir 3. From the resulting mass sformuyte "pear". Zapaniruyte them in the remaining flour, then in egg white, then - in bread crumbs and fry in deep fat.

When submitting croquettes out onto a plate and complete greenery.

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