Magnetic Designer dangerous for children

→ Magnetic Designer dangerous for children

picture - Magnetic Designer dangerous for childrenIn Russia, the kids from 2 to 3 years increasingly began to swallow magnetic beads from designers that are sold as educational games for children - it turns out complex operations. Doctors urge parents to remain cautious and vigilant.

When ingested several magnetic beads they pass quickly from the stomach to the intestines be anchored to each other and cause the formation of fistulas interintestinal. This requires emergency abdominal surgery. Conducting endoscopic surgery (with minimal surgical intervention) in this case is almost impossible.

Magnetic Designer - this toy a new generation. Through the use of magnetic fastener parts are connected instantly, effortlessly, easily and securely - the complexity of the created models depends on the amount of detail and imagination.

picture - Magnetic Designer dangerous for childrenPicking up magnetic puzzles fascinates both children and adults. Magnetic designers develop spatial thinking and provide an understanding of the laws of geometric and stereometric constructions. In addition, the model can be assembled to become a stylish details.

There are magnetic designers even for children from 10 months. Many models are still designed for children aged 5-6 years. Despite the usefulness of toys, watch carefully to magnetic beads do not fall into the stomach of the child!

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