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It is likely that the idea to combine the dough with meat came up with different peoples independently from each other, however, remains the most popular version of that mold dumplings world has taught the Chinese.

picture - Dumplings, dumplings, khinkali Beautiful...In China, the dumplings have been known since time immemorial. Bao-zi, which may have occurred and Mongolian buuz, more like a lush cakes. Cook them only for a couple and is filled with a variety of fillings - more bean or meat, for example, from pork meat with soy sauce, onions and rice flour. I love Chinese and Jiao-zi: sometimes they are only stuffed with finely chopped zucchini, leek or cabbage salad, sometimes pork with the addition of different vegetables. In General, the Chinese rarely use pure minced meat - they put onions, sea cucumber, mushrooms, shrimp.

Shui Yao of puff pastry with pork and onions - a little reminiscent of our Siberian. A very popular over-tone - small dumplings with a wide range, usually acute, filling. They are boiled in boiling water, put in a bowl and pour broth cooked with aromatic herbs and soy sauce, add in a little rice vodka infusions ginger root and thinly sliced chicken, pork or vegetables.

In the Canton of common dim sum fried or steamed dumplings with minced meat, vegetables, seafood… In the West they have become the main dish in any Chinese restaurant. However, to decide which of dim sum to order, European is not just a classic Cantonese cuisine there are about two thousand.

From the Chinese dumpling art penetrated into Central Asia and the Caucasus. A traditional dish of Iran and Azerbaijan duspara is a tiny, triangular pizza with ground lamb, generously seasoned with onions, garlic, mint, Basil, pepper and barberry. The dough for them is rolled out very thinly and boil dusbara in two stages - first in salted boiling water until soft, and then in a very strong oily broth and served with mint and garlic.

Azerbaijanis also prepare the kurza - small dumplings from the steep dough stuffed with sauteed lamb meat. When serving, sprinkle them with cinnamon and sprinkled with sour milk.

In Georgia popular khinkali. Cool the dough circles with a diameter of 10 cm and a thickness of 2 mm, Minced lamb or beef with pork (4:1) seasoned with onions, black and red pepper, garlic, salt and chopped herbs, spread on slices of dough and, gathering the edges of the folds, gives the product a pear shape. To the filling juicy, add a little beef broth. When this meat for khinkali not mince and cut with a knife.

All of us well-known manta is a typical dish of the Kazakh and Central Asian cuisine. The stuffing to make them finely picture - Dumplings, dumplings, khinkali Beautiful...minced lamb with plenty of fried onions, black pepper, cumin, salt and small pieces of mutton fat. The stuffing sometimes add cooked peas or fresh herbs; the Kazakhs also prepare dumplings with pumpkin and cream cheese. The dough should be steeper than dumplings, and if you use yeast, manti get bigger and juicier. Cook them for a couple 40-45 minutes in a special multi-storey pan - manti-cascade or on the grill mounted over the pot of boiling broth. When serving, pour the broth, vinegar, butter and pepper, and sour milk, sour cream or spicy tomato sauce with parsley.

In Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, you can try to chucaro - small dumplings with minced beef and onions, which unlike dumplings boiled in broth. In Turkmenistan love balyk-Bereke. In principle this is the same as manta rays, only with fish filling: fillet, finely chopped, seasoned raw egg, onion, dill, parsley, salt, add a pinch of red pepper and cardamom and cook for a couple.

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