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picture - TablewareServing comes from the French word servir, that is, to serve, and refers to the preparation of the table for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a festive family feasts, tea ceremony. Tableware includes the balance in accordance with the rules of etiquette and a certain order of cutlery, dishes, glassware, tablecloths, napkins and various table decorations.

According to the rules of serving each subject has its place, but it must be in harmony with the aesthetic form of the table, with color or patterned tablecloths, napkins, as well as in color and texture with other tableware.

The following sequence in serving, you can quickly and correctly set the table, do not miss a single detail:

1. Tablecloth
2. Plates.
3. Cutlery.
4. Glassware.
5. Napkins.
6. Spices.
7. vases with flowers.

Tablecloth is usually used for ceremonial meal. It should be immaculately clean and well ironed. It cover the whole table, the edge is left dangling by 25-30 centimeters. It should look harmonious with straddling utensils. So, if the dishes colorful tablecloth should choose monotonous. When dining sets, striped tablecloth can be as monotonous and colorful.

Dish set against each chair at a small distance from the edge of the table, forming a straight line parallel to the edge. Depending on a range of hot or cold dishes, tableware used different shapes and sizes.
In this case, the plates placed in the order in which the dishes will be served. For example, a plate of cold appetizers placed on the plate for hot.

picture - TablewareForks and knives are placed at a distance of 0.5 cm from each other and are located farther away from the plate, the faster they are needed. For example, the closest to the plate would be a table knife, the most extreme - a snack. It should be remembered that the knives and forks never put on the table more than three pairs.
In serving cutlery as there are certain rules. Knives should be put to the right of the blade plate toward her. Spoons have the same right, the extreme right of the knife, and convex.

picture - TablewareTo the left of the respective plates are laid knives forks teeth up.
If you serve dessert, you need to be expanded from the plate to the center of the table dessert devices in the following order: a knife handle to the right, fork and spoon handle to the left handle to the right.

Glasses (glasses, wine glasses) are placed to the right of the plates at the intersection of the upper edge of the plate to the end of the first blade in the same sequence in which will be served drinks.
picture - TablewareIf you plan to submit only water, wine glass or a glass put behind each dish in the center.
For a variety of beverages should be appropriate glassware. Thus, when applying alcohol should observe the following principles: the stronger the drink, the less glass. Wine glasses are also selected according to the type of wine. But if you want to apply guests kvass or juice, instead of the wine glass is necessary to put the mug, and turn the knob to the right.

Another attribute of the table - cloth. They should be chosen to match the tablecloth. Napkins are laid out to the left of each dish, or folded into a triangle, artichoke or other original figure, and then get a great table decoration.

Devices with salt and pepper put on the middle of the table on special supports. You can also close with them, if necessary, put the device with mustard bottles with vinegar, vegetable oil or spicy sauces. In this case, salt and mustard served relevant spoon, and butter served with a special knife.

To decorate the holiday table ideal flowers and plants. They give so solemnly, tender romance, enhance thematic focus, creating a festive mood. This may be the composition of living, dry, artificial plants and flowers look spectacular floating petals in vessels with water. Vase with a small odd number of flowers are usually placed in the center of the table so that they do not overshadow the people sitting at the table, and dishes. Take care to shed their petals on the table, leaves or pollen.
Finish the table layout is desirable for half an hour before the guests arrive to the hostess managed to bring myself up and appeared in front of guests at a height.

These tips will help you set the table correctly and beautifully to make every guest feel comfort, attention to itself and goodwill. And remember, at table setting also play an important role taste, accuracy and fantasy mistress. Bon appetit to you and your guests!

Author: Elena Zheltouhova.

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