Table decoration in the Church. Valentina

→ Table decoration in the Church. Valentina

picture - Table decoration in the Church. ValentinaValentine's day in a different way is also called the Day of all lovers. Many wait for this holiday to admit his love to another person, or to spend it with the closest loved one, to give him love, care and affection.

Valentine's day marks each to your taste and can afford, but always want something original, romantic and yet emotional. It is not essential to a loved one in a restaurant. To give my warmth and attention can be at home, making him a surprise romantic dinner for two! It is important not only delicious food but also a table decoration that will make the atmosphere romantic and touching mood.

Cover the table cloth is white or soft cream shade, as it is on a plain light background advantageously will look scattered on the surface of hearts, comedonica, postcards and other "themed" decorations. Pick her tone napkins. They can be put next to the plates, and, showing imagination, put one of them white doves - the symbol of the spiritual and sexual harmony!

picture - Table decoration in the Church. ValentinaLet in the course of colored paper. Turn the sheet several times and cut out half a heart without hurting the fold line, you can get the original decoration in the form of coasters for cups and plates.
For table decorations will fit nicely laid out hearts out of colored paper with warm words or a small romantic poems. If Your favorite person a sweet tooth, it is appropriate will look small chocolates wrapped color (red!) tape with attached miniature postcards in the recognition of love.

picture - Table decoration in the Church. ValentinaYou can decorate and utensils, for example, romantic hearts cut from the strawberries, and the edge of the glasses with slices of lemon, lime or orange. The glasses it is advisable to choose on a high pedestal.

Take care and that Your table was attended by candles. And let's not just stand a few candlesticks, set up around the room vases with floating candles. On a cold February candles will not only create a warm setting, but also give the triumph of the mysterious.
Surprise a loved one by creating an unusual setting for dinner. For example, it may be evening in Hawaii or visiting the Queen of hearts ladies. To create this environment, You will need to show imagination in rebounds costume and decoration. picture - Table decoration in the Church. ValentinaSo, in the first embodiment, the table must be present in fruits and vegetables, seafood, salads, decorated with beach umbrellas-toothpicks. And in the second case, a great Desk decoration will serve as a deck of cards. The primary colors for table layout in this thread is white, red and black. The place will be the salt with the pepper pot in the form of chess pieces. To complement the table setting will help the buds noble red roses.

Author: Elena Yellowhow.

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