Homemade ice cream made from cottage cheese - simple and delicious dessert

→ Homemade ice cream made from cottage cheese - simple and delicious dessert

picture - Homemade ice cream made from cottage cheese - simple and delicious dessert

Homemade ice cream today, when many mistresses at hand were such as blenders kitchen helpers and morozhennitsy, began to do more, because with this technology the whole process a lot easier. In this article we describe the preparation of an amazing dessert - homemade cheesecake ice cream.

Ice cream - one of the oldest deserts. This sweet treat is already preparing for the 5000 BC! In every corner of the world existed and continue to exist in its own traditions ice cream. Thus, in the Middle East it was made from frozen cocktails and fruit drinks, India - ice and exotic fruit in the Arab countries of fruit juices. Interestingly, in China, so generally mixed fruit pieces not only ice, but also with the snow! And in Russia from time immemorial has been popular the option of ice cream: it was made from cottage cheese with sour cream, honey and dried fruit, and made him generally on Shrove Tuesday. So curd ice cream can be considered a proprietary version of this delicacy in our part of the world.

Today, of which just do not make ice cream creative chefs: in addition to the usual course of milk, cream, butter go even tomatoes, carrots, beer, shrimp, tuna, pork cracklings!

Today we tell about our options for cooking traditional Russian - curd ice cream, delicious and very gentle. This is a great way to enter into the diet of cottage cheese, which is often in a pure form is not very kids favor. But for adults, this dessert is good because it is more useful than many kinds of ice cream, and in hot weather, you can enjoy it with the knowledge that it is not only pleasant but also useful!

The approximate calorie ice cream 100 grams of cheese - about 200 calories. For comparison - in 100 grams of ice cream contains about 300 calories.

Recipes Ice Cream cottage cheese

picture - Homemade ice cream made from cottage cheese - simple and delicious dessert

Nothing complicated in the preparation of ice cream from curds not - you only need a blender to help grind grains cheese until smooth, but if such a device you do not, then come up and sieve with small lattice through which the curd will need to rub before cooking dessert.

Options curd ice cream, there are many. It can be made from cottage cheese with conventional or condensed milk, cream, with a variety of fruit flavors, berries and nuts. We will tell you about the best options for this ice cream.

What fat cottage cheese to use for ice cream - a matter of taste, you get it with anyone. However, the fatter cheese, so, consequently, be high-calorie ice cream. The most delicious ice cream, of course, is obtained from cottage cheese.

The recipe is simple ice cream curd

You will need: 600g cottage cheese, 1 can of condensed milk.

How to cook ice cream curd. Wipe the curd through a sieve or grind a blender, add the condensed milk and grind again, the ingredients are mixed until uniform. Weight should get lush. Put the mixture into molds (all except silicone must obscure cling film, or an ice cream stick) to clean the freezer for 6h. Get ready ice cream molds, wrap in foil and storing it in the freezer. Before serving, put the ice cream from cottage cheese on a plate, let stand at room temperature for 10 min. Drizzle syrup ice cream can, jam or arrange berries or fruit.

You can make ice cream in the same way, but on a slightly different formulation, reducing the number of condensed milk and adding the usual: need 500g cottage cheese? cans of condensed milk? cup of regular milk.

A minimum of effort and present homemade ice cream will delight you and your family, and even for the benefit of the body, because the cheese - one of the most valuable products that are beneficial to health. Variant of this ice cream, as already noted, very much, and we will tell a few.

Vanilla ice cream recipe from cottage cheese with condensed milk

You will need: 300g cottage cheese, 50ml milk? cans of condensed milk, vanilla sugar and vanilla to taste.

How to cook a vanilla ice cream made from cottage cheese. Grind cheese blender, add the vanilla or vanilla sugar, pour in cold milk and continue whisking, pour the condensed milk and beat until smooth. To obtain a homogeneous mass of creamy smooth without lumps need to put in the molds, put into the freezer to freeze.

For the preparation of homemade ice cream as molds can be used empty cups of yogurt.

Cottage cheese ice cream, like any other, it is possible to do with fruit - apples, bananas, etc.

Recipe for homemade apple ice cream from cottage cheese

picture - Homemade ice cream made from cottage cheese - simple and delicious dessert

You will need: 250g cottage cheese diet to 5%, 1 green apple, 1 tsp powdered sugar and vanilla sugar, cinnamon.

How to cook apple ice-cream cheese. Grind blender peeled sliced apple arbitrarily, separately grind or rub curd. Connect with applesauce, cottage cheese, add powdered sugar, vanilla, cinnamon and mix well until smooth in a blender. Put in a lot of molds, put into the freezer for 4h. Before applying this cream should stand at room temperature for half an hour.

Banana ice cream recipe from cottage cheese

You will need: 500g cottage cheese, 100g sugar, 3 ripe bananas.

How to cook banana ice cream with cream cheese. Clean and pyurirovat blender banana, add cottage cheese, sugar, stir until smooth. expand the weight of molds, put into the freezer. The first three hours every hour to mix the ice cream evenly pour. Next to a complete freeze frozen without stirring.

Hourly stirring during solidification of ice cream during the first few hours - good reception, promotes uniform solidification dessert, it can be used for all kinds of ice cream.

Cooking Ice Cream cottage cheese, you can fantasize, to invent something interesting. For example, to make it a two-tone with fruit pieces and put in a nice ice-cream bowls. This supply is good for the holiday table.

Recipe holiday ice cream curd

picture - Homemade ice cream made from cottage cheese - simple and delicious dessert

You will need: 500g of fat cottage cheese, 1/2 sachet of vanilla sugar, 1 can of condensed milk, 1-2 tablespoons cocoa, canned or fresh cherries.

How to cook a celebratory ice cream curd. Stir cheese with condensed milk and vanilla using a blender until smooth. One-third of the mass postpone and mix with cocoa. In kremanki put the first layer of white mass on top - a layer of cherries, then - a layer of brown mix

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