Cream cheese - 5 very simple recipes

→ Cream cheese - 5 very simple recipes

picture - Cream cheese - 5 very simple recipes

Every sweet tooth knows curd cream - it is very, very tasty! Prepare such a cream, but it turns out very delicious, which is suitable as cakes and pies, and cakes for lubrication.

To prepare the cream cheese do not need to have the skills confectioner or spend a lot of time - he, along with cream, very easy to cooking. However, it depends on the formulation, which of course may be quite complex. In this article we have collected recipes only simple curd cream, which can easily do each.

Cream cheese is remarkable not only easy preparation and taste, but also useful properties, because it is based on one of the most useful products - cheese.

First recipe: Cream cheese "Fairy Tale"


200g cottage cheese
40g butter
Which oil to choose? we'll show

4 egg yolks
1-2st.l. sugar
berries, nuts, vanilla

Method of preparation:

How to prepare curd cream tale. Soften the butter at room temperature, add the egg yolks and grind until uniform. Curd wipe, add sugar and mix. Vanillin dissolve in a small amount of hot water, add cottage cheese, add egg-oil mass, all carefully Stir until smooth. Serve cream or ice-cream bowls used for confectionery products, adding to taste berries or nuts.

Second recipe: Cream cheese with raisins and honey

picture - Cream cheese - 5 very simple recipesIngredients:

400g cottage cheese
120g butter
100g honey, powdered sugar and raisins
2 egg yolks
1 lemon (juice and zest)
? a glass of milk
1ch.l. starch
vanillin, salt

Method of preparation:

How to cook a cream cheese with raisins and honey. Mix egg yolks with vanilla sugar, starch and milk, put on a steam bath and beat until thick. Grind the pre-steamed raisins, put in a bowl, add the powdered sugar, melted butter, lemon juice and zest, grated on a fine grater. Mix the two masses together, pour a thin stream of liquid honey with constant stirring. Wipe the curd, salt the gently stir in the mass with continuous stirring. The cream is ready!

For this cream cakes promazyvaniya need to put in the fridge - use a little stiff.

Recipe Three: Cottage cheese and chocolate cream


200g cream and cottage cheese
100g sugar and milk
30g cocoa powder
1ch.l. grated chocolate

Method of preparation:

How to cook cottage cheese and chocolate cream. Stir cocoa powder and sugar, gradually pouring milk, this mass combine with cream cheese and whipping with a mixer until smooth and soft consistency. Before using the cream cool if it will be supplied as a dessert, sprinkle with chocolate.

Recipe Four: Cottage cheese and fruit cream


250g soft cheese
2 peeled peach / 1 banana
1 apple
2,5st.l. milk
? tsp vanilla sugar
lemon juice

Method of preparation:

How to cook a cream cheese with fruit. Lay out all the products in the mixer bowl, stir until smooth. If the cream will be served as a dessert, decorate it, put in ice-cream bowls, fruit and berries to taste.

Another option cooking cottage cheese cream, see the videoretsepte. Sweet tea parties!

Recipe Five: Videoretsept cooking curd cream

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