Cheese Easter: 5 easy recipes for treats

→ Cheese Easter: 5 easy recipes for treats

picture - Cheese Easter: 5 easy recipes for treats

"MLEKO gustavsen" is Torina Easter Church Slavonic language. This amazing dish is prepared in honor of one of the most joyous holiday of the calendar, and for many cooks pleasant is the fact that being prepared is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

To let my hands at home to cook a delicious cheesecake Easter't have to be a culinary master and possess any special skills in the kitchen. Everything is quite simple - you only need a good cheese. In this collection of recipes Easter, we have gathered for you the best recipes for this festive treats. Cook, enjoy the holiday and enjoy this fabulously delicious dessert.

Easter is not only delicious, but also useful, because it is prepared from the most useful product of the cheese, leaving their remarkable properties far behind many products.

For Easter you want fresh, homogeneous, dry curd, which have twice through a sieve. The cream should have a fat content of 30%, and butter - plastic, soft.

The first recipe: Cheesecake Easter carrot

You will need: 500g cottage cheese, 200 g carrots, 100 g sugar and butter, 1 tsp. orange zest, ? tsp. of vanilla.

How to make curd Easter carrot. Peeled carrots RUB on a large grater, sprinkle with sugar, wait for them to release the juice and put on low heat to simmer until soft. Clean the carrots together with the pressed curds through a sieve, add the butter, orange zest, finely grated, vanilla, stir, then the mixer to whisk. Molded from the mass of Easter, make it optional candied fruit, etc.

Do not kink the cheese for Easter grinder, otherwise he will not acquire the best consistency, will not be gentle and air.

The second recipe: Easter with condensed milk

picture - Cheese Easter: 5 easy recipes for treats

You will need: 600g cheese, 150g butter,? cans of condensed milk, a Cup of sour cream and raisins b/C, ? Cup sugar, vanilla to taste.

How to make Easter with condensed milk. Through a sieve to wipe curd, add fine sugar, add the softened butter and vanilla, pound, pour the sour cream, add condensed milk, washed and obsushenny raisins. Until smooth stir a lot, put it in pasochnitsu, set top yoke, put into the refrigerator.

If you do not have pasechnicy, for the preparation of the Passover, you can use the appropriate form bowl, a sieve, cut plastic bottles, etc., In such forms need to lay folded 2 times cheesecloth, then put the mass for Easter, from top to also be covered with gauze and then set the weight. To be sure - that the serum does not spread over the fridge, the form of Easter is better to put in a deep container.

The third recipe: Honey Easter

You will need: 500g cottage cheese, 4 egg yolks, 3 tablespoons of sour cream/cream and butter, 2 tbsp. of honey and sugar.

How to make honey Easter. With sugar RUB the yolks, stir in honey, butter, until smooth, lush mass shake. RUB through a sieve the cottage cheese and mix with sour cream, continuing to stir gradually introduce honey a lot. Put the mixture into pasochnitsu, install the yoke, to remove at night in the cold.

Chocolate lovers can make chocolate Easter surprisingly close.

The fourth recipe: Chocolate Easter with prunes

picture - Cheese Easter: 5 easy recipes for treats

You will need: 500g cottage cheese, 200 g sour cream, 100g cream, dark chocolate and butter, 60g of prunes.

How to make chocolate Easter. On a small grater, grate the chocolate, mix with sugar and cream, add the chocolate and stir until dissolved. Mix the cottage cheese with sour cream and butter, rubbing them with a fork, use a blender to make the best homogeneity of the mass. Finely chop the prunes and mix with the chocolate, add the cheese, stir until smooth. Put a lot covered in gauze form, to deliver the goods and to remove the Passover in the cold for 6-8h. Before serving, decorate Easter grated chocolate.

The last recipe is a little more complicated - you can prepare custard Easter (all previous Easter belong to the category of so-called "raw").

Recipe five: Custard cottage cheese and fruit Easter

You will need: 800g cheese, 400g sugar and butter, 6 egg yolks, 1 lemon (zest grated), 400g of fruit puree to taste - strawberry/apricot/raspberry or other

How to make fruit Easter. The cheese is put under the press, mix yolks with sugar. Stir puree fruit with yolk mass, on a slow fire to boil until thick, let cool, mix with rubbed cheese. Again put the mixture on a slow fire and boil, put the butter, cut into pieces, stir, add lemon zest, put a lot covered in gauze form, set top cargo at night and remove in the cold. Flip ready the Passover dish to make.

In fact, cooking the curd Easter comes to cooking the curd mass, which is then simply laid out in the form and presses the load order of the items came out excess liquid. There is nothing complicated in that their hands to make this festive dessert luck!

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