Eclairs with cottage cheese

→ Eclairs with cottage cheese

picture - Eclairs with cottage cheese

1 kg choux dough prepared by basic recipe

for cottage cheese cream:

500 g cottage cheese

1 glass cold boiled milk or cream
what milk to choose? we'll show

l 5-6 CT .. powdered sugar

l 2 CT .. cognac

grated chocolate

vanilla sugar to taste

Prepare puff pastry for dessert items, as described in the basic recipe. The finished dough shift in pastry bag with a large round or gear tube and deposited into the form of strips (length 10-12 cm) on a baking sheet covered with well-oiled parchment paper or tracing paper. Bake as described in the general recipe, then cooled. Prepare cream cheese. Cottage cheese pound, pour milk or cream, add powdered sugar, vanilla sugar to taste and beat with a mixer until fluffy until a uniform mass. Pour it 1-1.5 Art. tablespoons of brandy and beat for 2-3 minutes. Put the resulting cream in pastry bag with a narrow tube and put it on for 20-25 minutes in the refrigerator. On the cooled product side to make a small longitudinal incision, from chilled curd cream, sprinkle with grated chocolate and pass on to a dish or tray. Carefully lubricate eclairs on top and sprinkle with the remaining brandy chocolate chip. Prior to submitting to keep in a cool place.

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