Making chocolate cups and plates for dessert

→ Making chocolate cups and plates for dessert

picture - Making chocolate cups and plates for dessertThe most common dessert (ice cream, fruit or berries) can be submitted so that none of the guests will not remain indifferent! Suffice it to make chocolate cups, cups or plates. Let your child also will take part in a fun cooking process!

Ten servings need 2 chocolate bars, ice cream and 1 pack of 10 balloons. Preparation - 15 minutes, the preparation - 15 min, cooled to - 30 minutes. Video how to make chocolate cups in our group &&171; Children&&187; Vkontakte.

Method of preparation is simple. To begin, melt the chocolate in a water bath. Inflate balls (diameter about 10 cm), thoroughly wash and dry, then dip them in chocolate. Do not be afraid: they burst; chocolate cools down very quickly, but does not freeze.

A little trick. In order to complete the cup easily &&171; behind&&187; on the form, each ball must be lubricated neutral vegetable oil.

Put a little bit of chocolate on baking, the laid oiled baking parchment. This will be the basis for the bowl, and set it on the chocolate ball. Put the pan in a cold place. Half an hour later reload the balls and bursting them. Put in the resulting container of ice cream or sorbet ball and decorate the remainder of melted chocolate and fruit, jam, nuts of your choice.

These cups, plates can be made of white chocolate. Or when the plates have cooled, melt the chocolate another, contrast, color, and dip it in chocolate cups so that the gaps were of a different color.

picture - Making chocolate cups and plates for dessert

picture - Making chocolate cups and plates for dessertAnd now let's make a chocolate bowl for dessert. Wrap the foil container size you want. Melt the chocolate in a water bath and reload it into a pastry bag (a plastic bag). Apply liquid chocolate on a foil, squeezing out the package.

Place the container on a tray or board up the chocolate and place in the refrigerator until it hardens. Then gently peel off the foil from chocolate, collecting from the edges to the center. Fill the chocolate bowl of fruit and berries and eat until melted!

Options for dessert toppings

Chocolate cream. Melt chocolate with powdered sugar in a water bath, remove from heat, add the cream (not less than 30%) on a spoon in the chocolate, whisking. The resulting cream spread over the chocolate cups, garnish with toasted nuts.

picture - Making chocolate cups and plates for dessertCurd cream. In a saucepan with the remnants of chocolate pour some cream, add vanilla, sugar and more chocolate if desired. Allow to boil and put in cold water to cool. In the cooled chocolate cream slowly add cheese and beat with a mixer to produce a lush and air cream.

Cream brandy. Whip the cream with the sugar until a steady state. Add the brandy and mix gently. Using a pastry bag, fill the cups cream, garnish with almonds and orange zest. Pre-cooked chocolate small cups Serve on plates of fresh strawberries.

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