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How often do we buy kiddies themselves or cottage cheese? For many, this is a very favorite dessert, and children eat cottage cheese in any form is necessary, and it is in the form of delicious curd mass they eat his best. And how often do you think about that cottage cheese can not buy and cook yourself? Try it and see how easy it is!

We will not once again delve into the stories about how useful and how important cheese to eat it regularly. A better focus on variants of its preparation, or rather, to quite specific embodiment - Curd.

Curd cheese grated called finely seasoned with various additives. Just note that the curd can be not only "raw", but also heat-treated, for example, boiled and baked in the form of such a mass has called cheese gratin.

Among the most popular supplements, which is preparing curd - dried fruit and sugar. However, add in such mass can be virtually anything you like - fresh berries or berries of the jam, nuts, honey, candied fruit, chocolate, coconut, etc. If you are preparing a dessert for yourself or a child, it would be logical to add to your favorite cream cheese it to your individual taste or products. Including curd can be sweet and salty - then it added a variety of vegetables, spices, parsley, basil, cilantro and other herbs pryanoaromaticheskie. Also cottage cheese can be prepared from a single fruit, without adding sweets, then it will taste slightly sour, but pleasant.

Cooking cottage cheese can be purchased from, but even better - from cottage cheese. To learn how to cook the curd at home, we have been told.

So curd is, now you need to decide what you want to cook your dessert. We offer a few simple and very delicious options.

Recipe very easy and quick curd mass

 picture - Curd with their hands

You will need: 100g cottage cheese low fat, 2 tbsp butter, 1 tbsp powdered sugar, vanilla.

How to quickly cook the curd mass. Softened butter, rub with powdered sugar, add vanilla and, in the lush whip cream without stopping beating portions add grated cheese. Put weight in the form and put into the cold.

Recipe sweet curd with raisins

 picture - Curd with their hands

You will need: 500g cottage cheese, sour cream 200 g, 150 g sugar, 100 grams of raisins and butter, 2 eggs, vanilla.

How to cook cottage cheese with raisins. Twist cheese grinder, shift it into the pan, to drive the egg, grind, add the butter and sour cream until smooth. Warm up the mixture, but do not bring to a boil, remove from heat, put the pan in an ice water bath, stirring, until the mixture has cooled. Pour the mixture into the sugar, add the soaked raisins and vanilla, stir, put the mixture on a plate and put under the press came to serum.

Instead of raisins in a cottage cheese can add any other sweet ingredients to your taste.

Recipe salted curd with caraway, dill and pepper

picture - Curd with their hands

You will need: 450g cottage cheese, allspice, dill, cumin, and salt.

How to cook savory cottage cheese. Curd wipe, podsolit add allspice, chopped dill and cumin, stir until smooth. Serve sandwiches.

If you are cooking cottage cheese with eggs, the question arises about their safety. It is better in this case do not wet, and "cooked" version dessert.

Recipe boiled sweet curd mass

 picture - Curd with their hands

You will need: 400g cottage cheese, 4 eggs,? cup sour cream and sugar, 5 tablespoons raisins, 3 tablespoons butter, vanilla, and salt.

How to cook boiled cottage cheese. Wipe the curd, add butter, sour cream, sugar and a pinch of salt, stir, add the eggs and drive raisins, stir again and put in a saucepan. With continuous stirring, heated to a boil, but do not boil weight, and immediately remove the pan from the heat. Cool the mass on a cold water bath while mixing.

Of the mass of curd can be cooked so many delicious dishes, and one of the most important options such dishes will soon be Easter curd, which is preparing for a happy Easter.

With whatever you cooked cottage cheese, these tips will be useful.

Secrets of cooking sweet and savory cheese mass

  • If the cheese is used for the preparation of low-fat cottage cheese weight, and prescription needed fat, in such a situation, you can find an easy solution - add for every 450 grams of cottage cheese 100 g butter.
  • One of the variants of standard proportions for making any sweet curd mass: for every 500 grams of cottage cheese and egg yolk 2-3 50-70 ml of milk. First, the curd is added to the milk and egg yolks, then all is whipped with a mixer on low speed until homogeneous and then added further ingredients.
  • To mass turned out sweet, but not too high-calorie, sugar can be replaced with liquid white honey.
  • In any cottage cheese is better not to add more than 3 supplements at the same time - one of the flavors sure to interrupt others. The classic combination of sweet for the masses - apples and raisins, crushed peanuts and chocolate, or chocolate and berries; for savory masses - chopped parsley and garlic, sweet purple onion and ground sweet paprika, tomato puree and allspice.
  • Savory cheese mass perfectly combined with whole grain bread and served as an appetizer with bread, sweet and often served as a separate dish or baking them done - cheesecakes, casseroles, etc.
  • For curd mass is not necessarily contrary to popular belief, only use fat cottage cheese - suitable and low-fat less than 5% fat.
  • To consistency mass was soft, cheese should be rubbed through a sieve or twist in a meat grinder, and it can be beat with a mixer or blender to grind with the help of - as you prefer. Also for the sweet tenderness mass instead of sugar is better to add the powdered sugar. However wipe curd is not necessary if you want to weight had a grainy texture.
  • If curd soft and smooth after cooking it should be put under the press, moved to the serum.

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