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Cheese casserole love even those who are very negative attitude towards the cottage cheese in a pure form. And lately fans at this wonderful dishes markedly increased - all because Multivarki to cook delicious, tender and juicy cottage cheese casserole is much easier, and now this dish is the power of even the most inexperienced cooks. So prepare curd pudding in Multivarki.

In kindergartens and schools cottage cheese casserole for many was a favorite dish, and with such gusto it ate all the children, even negatively related to the curd. Perhaps that is why caring mom invented this dish - to somehow force their children to eat curd fastidious, so useful for the growing, and not only of the growing organism.

Even a couple of years ago, boasts the ability to cook a delicious cheese casserole could not every hostess at best - only one in ten. That's because the dish is very capricious in cooking and it may not be easy - to get in the "rubber" taste and does not cause any appetite. Today the situation has changed - with the advent multivarok, everything became much easier.

In Multivarki cheese casseroles are obtained juicy, airy and very delicate, especially if the pre-clean the curd.

Today, as for the preparation of the classic cheese casserole in the oven to "multivarochnyh" invented many recipes: with semolina or flour with yogurt or milk, with or without eggs, berries and fruit. Each option is good in its own way, but one thing remains unchanged requirement for a casserole with any product: it must be tasty, and for this you need to use only tested recipes other mistresses.

Recipe for making cheese in casseroles Multivarki

picture - Cheese Casserole in Multivarki

You will need: 500g cottage cheese, sour cream 250g, 5 eggs, 1.5 cups of sugar multivarochnyh, 3 tablespoons starch? tsp soda or baking powder, cinnamon or vanilla.

How to cook the curd pudding in the air Multivarki. Stir cottage cheese with egg yolks, then add the sour cream, vanilla, starch, baking powder or soda? CF cup sugar. Blender to whip until homogenous mass. Whip the egg whites into a solid foam with the remaining sugar, gently stir in cottage cheese. Butter to grease cup Multivarki, put the cooked mixture, smooth surface, turn on the "Baking" and cook a casserole 1 hour after the end of the program to casserole to cool completely, unplug the appliance and without opening it, or leave it on the heating mode, or casserole settles. With the help of baskets, steamers carefully to get casserole bowls, serve.

Features cooking cheese casseroles in Multivarki is that they are not browning on top, but the bottom, so they are usually fed by turning up.

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