Cream cheese: beautiful and wonderful dessert confectionery additive

→ Cream cheese: beautiful and wonderful dessert confectionery additive

picture - Cream cheese: beautiful and wonderful dessert confectionery additive

The most famous cheesecake dessert - the so-called Passover, which appeared in Russian cuisine in the 18th century, however, before the invention of this delicious dessert pastry with cheese has been popular - it was different cheese pastes and creams.

Today, a variety of pastries, cakes and, of course, cake with curd cream - the most favorite dessert for many. Such a great love pastries deserve due to the fact that, compared with their counterparts, they have a much lower calorie, but still useful at the expense contained in the curd valuable substances, but what about their great taste and does not need to talk! Nowadays, therefore, desserts with curd cream - one of the most popular.

Prepare various confectionery cottage cheese in Russia started on the nobility and the boyars' kitchens in the 15th century, there is likely and was invented "Easter", which later 3rd century began to appear on the tables, not only the upper classes, but also ordinary citizens and peasants . During this time, was invented many recipes for a variety of pastes and creams made from cottage cheese, which were prepared for festive meals. However, even more so they became commonly used only in the 20th century, when the eggs, butter and dairy products have ceased to be a luxury of ordinary people.

More often than not, anyway, treats with curd cream, which we are happy to tuck into tea - shops, but not least - there are such products is not cheap, but we still buy them, because it is the lesser of two evils (in terms of calories and sweet harm ), and, even more delicious. And, in the meantime, prepare the cream cheese and, accordingly, various desserts with them quite easy and at home, even if the vast experience in matters of confectionary art you do not have.

Cooking Recipes curd desserts at home

picture - Cream cheese: beautiful and wonderful dessert confectionery additive

There just curd cream today is not invented: the simple (usually a cream cheese + + egg + sugar + butter) and fruit (banana, cottage cheese, cottage cheese and orange, lemon curd, etc.), and compound (cream, yogurt, etc.), and additives (nuts, raisins, vanilla, chocolate, etc.). In general, there are plenty to choose from if you decide to cook a cream, but we recommend that you start with the simple - the classic version of the cream that can be prepared quickly, even without experience in this matter.

All kinds of curd cream professional chefs are divided into two types: raw and custard. They are almost identical in composition, but the technology of their preparation are substantially different.

Recipe classic curd cream

Need: 300-400g of powdered sugar, 250g of cottage cheese 9%, 50g butter, 1 tsp vanilla extract.

How to prepare a classic cheesecake cream. The curd mixed with the vanilla and butter in a mixer at medium speed until smooth mass. Sift the icing sugar into a mass (sift - a must!), Gently begin to mix with the help of a teaspoon, then stir with a mixer at medium speed until smooth and smooth mixture.

This cream cheese is perfect for cakes, pies and any other desserts. The most simple way to cook with him dessert - add the fruit and apply this mixture as a dessert.

And is considered a classic cottage cheese and sour cream.

Recipe cottage cheese and sour cream

picture - Cream cheese: beautiful and wonderful dessert confectionery additive

You will need: 400g cottage cheese, 1 packet of vanilla sugar, 3 tablespoons sour cream, sugar to taste.

How to cook cottage cheese and sour cream. Cottage cheese, plain and vanilla sugar mix, whisk with a mixer until smooth minute, pour in the cream and beat for 2 minutes or longer to complete smoothness and uniformity (lumps should not be), after cooking cream for some time put into the refrigerator.

Cream cheese is usually prepared from fat cottage cheese 5% fat.

If you want to cook cottage cheese and custard, then see the next recipe.

Recipe cheesecake custard

You will need: 500g cottage cheese 5%, 100g butter, egg yolk 2, 2 SL sugar 0.5 tsp soda food.

How to cook custard cream cheese. Cottage cheese through a sieve, add everything except sugar and 2,5-3ch leave at room temperature. Next, put the weight on a water bath (in a double boiler), 10 minutes boil, add sugar and stir to cool slightly. Pour the cooked mass in the pot, remove in the refrigerator overnight, uncovered.

Often cream cheese prepared with cream and gelatin - so it turns the air mass, which looks wonderful in cakes.

Recipe cottage cheese and butter cream with gelatin

picture - Cream cheese: beautiful and wonderful dessert confectionery additive

Need: 250-300ml fatty cream for whipping, 200-250g granular curd 5% or more, 70-100g sugar 50ml water, 10 g of gelatin.

How to cook cottage cheese and butter cream with gelatin. In cold water for 40 minutes to soak gelatin, rub through a sieve cheese. Mix curd half sugar, on a water bath heated gelatin - it must be dissolved (stirring constantly), allow to cool to room temperature and added to the curd and mix. Whip cream in a stable foam with the rest of the sugar, add the whipped cream in part to the curd, stirring. Oil cream cake or cook cakes and before applying the product with a cream put into the refrigerator for a few hours - the cream of the time sets.

We can not ignore the wonderful cottage cheese and fruit cream products which yield a fabulously tasty.

Recipe cottage cheese and lemon cream

You will need: 500g cottage cheese, 400g of cream fat, 2 lemon, 2-3 tablespoons sugar, 1 tbsp lemon peel and gelatin.

How to cook lemon curd-cream. Gelatin cover with cold water and leave to swell, drain excess water, put on fire, warm to dissolve, let cool. On a fine grater rub the zest, mix it with extruded from 2 lemons juice and cheese. In a solid foam whipped cream, combine with cheese mixture, pour a thin stream of cooled gelatin mixture and mix.

One of the most popular cheese cream - cottage cheese and yogurt. He gives a very light and delicate.

Cottage cheese and yogurt recipe for cream

picture - Cream cheese: beautiful and wonderful dessert confectionery additive

You will need: 400g of cream fat, fat cottage cheese 250g, 200g natural yoghurt, 1 sachet of vanilla sugar, 3 tablespoons sugar.

How to cook cottage cheese and yogurt cream. Rub through a sieve cottage cheese, yogurt and add the vanilla sugar. Regular sugar Pour in the cream, whip them into a solid foam, combine with cheese mixture and mix well until smooth.

Cooking Cream cheese - a simple science that comes easily to all without exception sweet tooth who want to cook delicious desserts at home with their own hands is surprisingly close. Prepare cake with curd cream birthday or any other holiday and be sure to get a lot of praise!

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