Turkey in a bathing suit

→ Turkey in a bathing suit

picture - Turkey in a bathing suit

1 pcs. turkey

1 pcs. turkey livers

100 g roll

1/2 glass milk
what milk to choose? we'll show

50 g butter

4 pcs. eggs (yolks)

sugar, salt - to taste

4 pcs. egg (whites)

100 g crackers

100 g raisins

mayonnaise - to taste

Turkey carcass put 2 hours in cold water. Drain, season with salt. Prepare the filling. Soaked in milk turkey livers chop, combine with 100 grams soaked in milk and squeezed bread, mashed with 50 grams of butter 4 egg yolks, season with sugar, salt, pepper and stir. Add the beaten egg whites, 100 grams and 100 grams of crackers washed raisins. Fill carcass with neck rolls, pour, tie the legs, wings cut to the first knuckle. Lubricate turkey margarine or mayonnaise, put on a baking sheet, pour a little water and cook 2-2.5 hours, periodically watering meat juice precipitated.


Foil cut "bikini" for poultry. When the bird will only begin to grill, clothe it in "swimsuit". As a result we get here are now "nezagorevshie" space. With design "swimsuit" You can fantasize as you like.

You need to sit down at a table in a good mood. At the banquet table - even more so. And the presence of such a "coquette"As they sat in the green and roasted potatoes, excellent mood will certainly provide!

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