Cake "Makivka"

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For cake:

6 PCs egg whites

1 glass sugar

1/2 glass Mac - 1

200 g the coconut flesh

1 tsp. baking powder for the dough

For the cream:

1 glass sugar

6 PCs the egg yolks

1/2 glass milk - 3
what kind of milk should I choose? we'll show

8 tsp. potato starch

300 g butter

1 lemon juice


* For filling:

360 g crackers chocolate

2 glass milk or coffee

For cake protein shake with sugar, add the coconut, ground in a coffee grinder poppy seeds and baking powder, mix well.

In form, lined with parchment, place the dough and bake the cake for 20 minutes at 180 �C.

For the cream RUB the yolks with the sugar until white, pour 550 ml of milk and stir. Boil on a water bath, stirring constantly. Starch dissolve in the remaining milk and pour the mixture into the yolk mass. Cook it until thick, then cool, add lemon juice, vanilla and butter. Whisk the mixture into a lush cream.

The cake lubricate part of the cream of cream aside for decoration), lay on top of crackers, soaked in hot milk or coffee, brush with cream. Repeat layers of crackers and cream, the last layer should be made of crackers. Decorate top of cake with cream and sprinkle with colored coconut. Before serving, soak the cake in the refrigerator for 12 hours.

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