Chocolate-banana cake

→ Chocolate-banana cake

picture - Chocolate-banana cake


1 glass bananas - mashed potatoes

1/4 glass sour cream

1 vanilla sugar for the dough and cream - teaspoon

2 glass the flour for the dough and cream - 1/4 Cup

2 PCs egg

baking powder for the dough

1/4 tsp. soda drinking

1/2 glass sugar for the dough - 1 Cup and cream

1/2 glass margarine

100 g chocolate pastry - and cream - 150 g

3 tbsp. cocoa powder

1 glass milk
what kind of milk should I choose? we'll show

200 g butter

Banana puree, mix with sour cream and vanilla sugar. The flour mix with the baking powder and soda. Margarine with sugar whisk, adding the eggs one by one. Continuing to whisk, add alternately the flour and banana mixture of the first and the last portion should be flour). Chocolate grate on a coarse grater, mix with the dough.

1/3 of the dough put in the form, greased, and bake at 200 �C for 20 minutes. Just bake 2 more cake. Cool.

For the cream will melt the chocolate in a water bath, mix with sugar, cocoa, flour, whisk. Add milk and a little shake. A lot bring to the boil and cook 2 minutes, stirring occasionally. Cool.

Oil and whisk whipping, enter portions of chocolate and vanilla sugar.

Cakes will proselyte cream, spread the top and the side surface of the cake, arrange the remaining chocolate and banana.

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