Cake "Wreath" chocolate with dried apricots and prunes

→ Cake "Wreath" chocolate with dried apricots and prunes

picture - Cake "Wreath" chocolate with dried apricots and prunes


100 ml boiling water

100 ml milk
what milk to choose? we'll show

70 g shelled walnuts

70 g dried apricots

70 g pitted prunes

50 ml vegetable oil

1 egg

1 glass sugar

2 Art. l. cocoa powder

1.5 Art. l. flour

1 Art. l. baking powder to the test


500 g uniform soft cheese

200 g sour cream 20%

1 glass or to taste powdered sugar

vanilla sugar or vanilla

Chocolate glaze:

100 ml milk

100 g milk chocolate


dried apricots



To prepare the dough whisk the eggs into the foam, add the butter, again briefly whisk, pour the milk, stir, add the cocoa, sugar and flour mixed with baking powder, stir until smooth, then add the boiling water cool, beat all the mixer.

Wash the apricots and prunes, cut into small cubes, not too finely chopped nuts, add dried fruits and nuts into the dough, stir.

Put the dough in a baking dish cake, pre-greased and lined with baking paper on the bottom.

Flatten the dough, cook 35-45 minutes at 200 degrees, check the readiness of a wooden stick.

After cooking, remove the cake from the mold, let cool, cut it horizontally into 3 layers.

Cream: Whip cottage cheese with sour cream, add powdered sugar and vanilla.

In a baking dish put a cupcake foil or plastic wrap, spread cakes, promazyvaya each cream cake last not grease cream - it will be lower after turning half of the cream should be left.

Flip the cake onto a plate, remove the film or foil, coat with cream left sides and top of cake.

In a water bath melt the chocolate, add the milk, pour on top of the cake prepared frosting, then sprinkle with nuts and dried apricots and prunes issue.

Before serving the cake "Wreath" chocolate with dried apricots and prunes away in the cold for 4-5 hours.

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