Pie with salmon picnic

→ Pie with salmon picnic

picture - Pie with salmon picnic

1 kg salmon

300 g puff pastry

100 ml cream

1 yolk

1 a head of cabbage




Separate fillets fish, clearing away the bones and skin, cut the fillet with abdominal part, cut it and connect with cream and egg yolks, whisking all in a blender until creamy mass, pepper and salt.

Sprinkle fillets with lemon juice, pepper and salt.

Roll out the dough, put on the cabbage leaves, grease third cooked fish mixture, put half of the sliced fillet, then again a third of the mixture and the chopped dill, the top is laid out the remaining fillets and smeared the rest of the mixture.

Wrap the pie dough, bake a pie with salmon picnic within half an hour at 180 degrees until Golden brown.

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