Semansbiff Scandinavian (meat in the pot)

→ Semansbiff Scandinavian (meat in the pot)

picture - Semansbiff Scandinavian (meat in the pot)

1 kg beef tenderloin

1 kg bacon

1 kg Potato

200 g onion

100 g margarine

50 g mustard

pepper, salt

Slice the meat slices across the grain as well as cut the meat for steak.

Beat off, rub with salt and pepper, then coat with every piece of mustard and fried in margarine.

Finely chop the bacon, fry separately, put on the bottom of the ceramic pots.

Cut the potatoes into cubes, onion - half rings, put on fat in pots, salt all, top with fried meat.

Pour the contents of the pots of broth, put the pots on the half-hour in the preheated oven to medium temperature.

Served semansbiff Scandinavian (meat in the pot) in pots next to each pot is placed deep dish, individual choice if you want to move the dish to the plate.

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