Children sausage sandwich "Ladybird"

→ Children sausage sandwich "Ladybird"

picture - Children sausage sandwich "Ladybird"

1 slice of bread

1 plastic cheese

1 circle sausage

1 circle smoked sausages

1 olives, pitted


On a slice of bread lay a square shape plastic cheese bread.

Insert the perimeter of the bread crumb in greens.

Cut out the circle plastic sausage desired diameter and cut it from the four small circles.

Plastic smoked sausages cut 4 exactly the same size small circle and into the holes in the cooked sausage.

Place the back of a ladybug on the cheese, make the head and foot of the olive tree, eyes to make mayonnaise or sour cream with a toothpick.

Post a children's sausage sandwich "Ladybird" for breakfast or lunch.

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