Sausage hash with kvass

→ Sausage hash with kvass

picture - Sausage hash with kvass

300 g sausage
some sausage to choose? we'll show

3-4 tuber Potato

3-4 fresh cucumber

3 eggs

kvass unsweetened


onions / scallions

radishes (optional)

pepper, salt

In salted water to boil in a uniform washed potatoes until cooked, hard-boiled eggs to cook, potatoes and eggs to cool, peel and cut the potatoes into cubes, finely chopped eggs.

Cucumbers cut into approximately the same as the potato cubes, as well - sausage.

If taken onions, it should be scalded with boiling water, then finely chop.

Finely chopped greens.

Put in a pot potatoes, eggs, cucumbers, onions, herbs, sausage, pepper and salt and mix well.

Served sausage hash kvass so: the prepared mixture is laid out in a bowl, filled with savory kvass, dressed with dollop of sour cream and mix.

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