New year children's dish! "The snowmen"

→ New year children's dish! "The snowmen"

picture - New year children's dish! "The snowmen"

5 egg whites

300 g sugar

2-3 tsp. fruit syrup

Whisk in stable foam egg whites and gradually add the sugar.

Allocated half of the mix and spread on parchment lined sheet circles have diameter 2, 4 and 6 centimeters. Bake the slices for one hour at 100 °C.

Take out the middle, after the top of the hole, from the received workpieces. Bake the meringue for another 10 minutes.

Make the cream. To do this, mix the remaining mass is whipped protein with a fruit syrup.

Fill this cream meringue, stacked them on each other. So they are glued together, it is necessary to grease with a cream edge.

&&171;Sash&&187; and &&171;spout&&187; making orange peel, &&171;hat&&187; of chocolate candy, and the eyes and the neck is made of chocolate.

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