Cakes "happy pigs"

→ Cakes "happy pigs"

picture - Cakes "happy pigs"

500 g prepared puff pastry

100 g jam

20 g white chocolate

20 g dark chocolate

2 tbsp. milk

1 egg

Roll out the dough with a layer thickness of about 3 mm, cut with cookie cutters 20 circles with a diameter of 6 cm, 10 circles with a diameter of 2 cm

Molded from the remaining test "ears".

Prick with a fork in a large mug, brush with egg, beaten with milk, put 10 large circles on a baking sheet, molded from the remaining 10 large circles "faces", attach "noses" and "ears".

To stack items in the pan with water and bake until Golden brown at a temperature of 200 degrees, cool.

Lubricate mugs jam on them to put "faces" to draw the melted chocolate "eyes".

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