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Having decided to make jam, each woman with a rich Arsenal of kitchen appliances have to decide as what to cook. And really a lot of options thanks to the diversity of modern technology. Today we will talk about the specifics of making jam in multiverse.

Multiarray got already many mistresses, it's really useful, versatile device that allows you to cook many dishes tastier soups, porridges, puddings, cooked in it, get particularly appetizing. You can cook in multiverse and jam, but in this case you will need to pay attention to a few details.

Features jams in multivarka

picture - Recipes for jams in multivarka

  • Because the maximum capacity of multivarate bowl is only 6, it should be borne in mind that a lot of jam in this device is not -- you cook that along, because of this it will be convenient only a small samim, which is enough for 2-3 cans of the workpiece.
  • Digestion of moisture from fruits and berries in multivarka will be slower, so the consistency of cooked this device jams will be slightly different compared to the jam cooked in the pelvis on the stove.
  • For jams in multivarka use modes, which are vexation, that is, the mode "suppression" or "soup" in different models it is called differently. At jam in multivarka should not fill the bowl more than one third, so that the workpiece does not "run away". As and when cooking in the pelvis, it is necessary in the process to remove the foam, stir jam. Steam valve should be removed - it would be better to evaporate the moisture, and the water is usually not added.

Recipes for jams in multivarka

picture - Recipes for jams in multivarka

In multivarka you can cook absolutely any jam, with the amount of sugar in this recipe, you can reduce, but then the banks must be sterilized. Let's look at the recipes jam in multiverse.

Recipe for currant jam in multivarka

You will need: 1 kg of sugar and currants.

How to make currant jam in multiverse. Berries are washed, bust, dry, pour sugar and leave overnight, then put in multiverse, put the mode suppression and closing the lid, cook for one hour. Next jam is poured into sterile jars and corked.

Recipe of apricot jam in multivarka

You will need: 600g apricots, 300g of sugar, the juice ? of lemon.

How to make jam from apricots. Wash and cut kernels from apricots, put them cut into pieces, in multiverse, pour the lemon juice and pour the sugar on the pastry to cook for an hour, stirring occasionally. You can also make jam in the "fighting", but it will be more liquid.

Recipe pear-orange jam in multivarka

You will need: 1 kg of sugar, 500g oranges and pears.

How to cook orange jam with pear. Slices slice the pears, removing the seeds, not peeled, slice the oranges circles, then mugs in half. Put pears and oranges, Peresyp sugar, multiverse, turn 90 min mode, fighting off the steam valve to jam, covered, stirring occasionally.

With the addition of sugar in jams need to be careful - it can damage the finish of the bowl multivarki, you should be careful, stirring occasionally jam and use only the supplied blade.

Recipe cranberry-lemon jam

You will need: 1kg cranberries, 600g of sugar, 3-4 cloves, ? lemon, 1 tbsp. of honey.

How to make jam from the cranberries in multiverse. Berry rinse, Pat dry, put in multiverse, powdered sugar, pour in the honey, put twisted grinder lemon (with peel), close the lid and cook jam for mode suppression within one hour after its completion to keep the jam in multivarka for another 2 hours, so it potamilus in the heating mode.

Recipe of jam from the plums with kiwi in multivarka

You will need: 1 kg of sugar and plums, 5-6 kiwi.

How to make jam from kiwi plums. Cut in half and remove pits from plums, put them in multiverse, add sugar, bring to a boil on the "baking", sliced into circles kiwi, stir for another 5 min of cooking, pour into jars and roll.

You can cook in multivarka jam from berries without sugar. To do this, they need to be put in the bowl, turn the mode suppression and cook, stirring occasionally and removing the foam, at least one hour (the time depends on the amount of berries), then packaged in sterilized banks, again to sterilize and seal with sterile lids.

Try to jam in multiverse and enjoy delicious and healthy blooms!

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