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In multivarka all turns out very tasty and healthy, so many modern Housewives are trying to master this instrument and learn to cook different dishes. How to prepare chicken in multiverse? Let's see.

In multivarka you can do any dishes, and chicken dishes are no exception, however, this group of dishes is quite extensive. This, as well as stove: is it possible to list all the dishes to cook them this bird? And multiverse: it is possible to fry, put out, bake chicken wings, drumsticks, thighs, breast, or even a whole chicken to make chicken soup or casserole - the options are many! And yet, one of the most popular in the cooking of the chicken in this device is chicken, whole baked - on it-then we'll talk.

The first thing you should pay attention: bowl capacity of your multivarki - if she allows it, you can cook the chicken whole, if not - can only have up to half.

Baking chicken in multivarka is no easy task, but not really complicated. Everything is done the same way and with the oven: chicken needs to marinate or just RUB spices and seasonings, if desired - to stuff, and then bake with any additional ingredients or without them. You have a wonderful festive and chic everyday food - thanks to the peculiarities of work multivarki chicken will turn softer and more fragrant than in the oven or on the stove.

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picture - Chicken in multivarka

You will need: 1.5-2kg chicken (1 bird), 150g prunes, 6-7 potatoes, 2 apples and cloves of garlic, 3 tbsp sour cream/mayonnaise, 2H.l. salt, 1H.l. curry powder ? tsp. red pepper, rosemary sprigs or dried.

How to cook a whole chicken in multivarka with vegetables. The apples and peel the potatoes, cut into large cubes, put in a deep bowl, add the washed prunes, add mayonnaise or sour cream, stir, tucking the mixture also garlic. Stir curry, salt and pepper, to carefully RUB the chicken inside and out, washed out and wiped dry with a paper towel, stuff with filling of potatoes, apples and prunes, with a thread to tie drumsticks - this stuffing will not fall out. Put the chicken in the bowl multivarki around to put the remaining stuffing (if any), all sprinkled with rosemary, cover multivarki, turn on the 1H mode "Cakes". After an hour turn the chicken over to the other side, to enable the same mode at the same rate. Thus prepared, the chicken turns out very tender and juicy, because cooked in its own juices. Bon appetit!

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