Fruit salad with couscous

→ Fruit salad with couscous

picture - Fruit salad with couscous

1 # Cup couscous

2 # cups boiling water

1 # tangerine or orange

2 # teaspoon cinnamon

6-7 # fresh apricots, cut into pieces

100 g # almond slices

3 # pen green onions, sliced into thin rings

# a little green salad

5 tbsp. # . olive oil

2 # juice of oranges and a little grated zest

# fresh chopped coriander

Put couscous in a large bowl.

When water with couscous comes to a boil, cover and wait until all the water is absorbed.

When the couscous will absorb all the water, cool.

Cut the spring onions into thin rings and add to the couscous.

Add the apricot pieces (You can also use dried apricots, soaked in water).

Vegimite juice from tangerines or oranges and add them to the couscous and apricots.

Grate the orange zest, about a teaspoon and add to the salad.

Make a sauce of olive oil, orange juice and cinnamon.

Pour gradually the sauce into the salad and mix gently.

Shortly before serving, add the chopped coriander and almonds.

Add salt to taste and pepper.

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