Puff salad with chicken and nuts

→ Puff salad with chicken and nuts
picture - Puff salad with chicken and nuts

chicken, carrots, potatoes, eggs and mushrooms boil separately.
Evenly rub half a carrot on a platter, holding a grater to grate vesu.Zatem just as half the cheese, and varёn.yaits kartofelya.pgt;

Liberally grease mayonezom.Poverh mayonnaise spread cut into small pieces boiled chicken, cover it with a layer of sliced mushrooms and sprinkle with chopped (not milled!) Walnuts.

Repeat layers in the following order: potatoes, eggs, mayonnaise, cheese, carrots.
Leave a salad in the refrigerator overnight to all layers soaked.

Preparation time: 60 minutes

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