Spicy Christmas salad with veal "Dragon"

→ Spicy Christmas salad with veal "Dragon"

picture - Spicy Christmas salad with veal "Dragon"

400 g boiled veal

320 g canned corn
what kind of corn to choose? we'll show

200 g meat of krill

150 g cheese

4 boiled eggs

3 rings of canned pineapple

1 small onions


Design by:

5 rings of canned pineapple

3 ripe kiwis

1 boiled carrots

Chop the boiled meat cubes in the same capacity add finely chopped onion, diced chopped eggs, corn, mashed with a fork meat of krill (without fluid), grated on a coarse grater cheese, diced chopped pineapple and mayonnaise, mix well, put in the form of the torso of a dragon on a flat dish.

Diced kiwi, put on a path, and at the head of a dragon.

Chopped pineapple to put on the back of the dragon, to make the flames out of his mouth, tail, claws and dragon crest of boiled carrots, eyes to make eggs and peppercorns.

Before serving Christmas buffet remove spicy Christmas salad with veal "Dragon" out in the cold.

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