Festive Salad "Pineapple"

→ Festive Salad "Pineapple"

picture - Festive Salad "Pineapple"

300 g cooked chicken meat

150 g shelled walnuts

130 g hard cheese

5 pickles

3 boiled potatoes

3 boiled eggs

1 onions

some mayonnaise choose? we'll show

green onions

ground black pepper


This elegant New Year's salad wonderful show itself on the New Year's table, very pleasant to all.

Grate eggs, potatoes and cheese, chopped chicken, onions and cucumbers.

Spread Christmas salad "Pineapple" on a dish in the form of an oval layers, each promazyvaya mayonnaise potatoes, onions, half chicken, cucumber, remaining chicken, cheese, eggs, mayonnaise.

Make a salad with green onions and walnut halves, before moving into the New Year's table to remove the salad cold.

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