Festive salad "Natalie"

→ Festive salad "Natalie"

picture - Festive salad "Natalie"

500 g mushrooms

350 g smoked chicken breast

300 g cheese

200 g prunes

2 cucumber

2 onions

2 eggs

1 glass boiled rice

carrots, greens and cheese (for decoration)

some mayonnaise to choose? we'll show

Boil the rice and eggs until cooked, fry the finely chopped mushrooms and onions until Golden.

Soak in lukewarm water prunes, lettuce layers, accurately mayonnaise each: rice, a little salt, chopped prunes, chopped chicken, mushrooms, onion, sliced into thin strips cucumbers.

Before serving on the Christmas table decorating Christmas salad rolled in the form callow cream cheese, carrots and greens, cool in the refrigerator.

Such a beautiful, delicious and elegant Christmas salad will satisfy all guests.

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