Salad with prunes, nuts and beef "Grenadier"

→ Salad with prunes, nuts and beef "Grenadier"

picture - Salad with prunes, nuts and beef "Grenadier"

200 g potatoes

200 g mayonnaise
some mayonnaise to choose? we'll show

150 g beef

150 g beet

100 g walnuts

100 g prunes

100 g carrots

This delicious, easy to prepare and elegant Christmas salad is perfect to decorate the Christmas table, will appeal to all.

Boil until tender beef, carrots, potatoes and beets, soak the prunes in warm water.

Cooked vegetables cut into cubes, beef and prunes are finely chopped, put Christmas salad "Grenadier" layers, each accurately mayonnaise: potatoes, carrots, beef, beets, prunes.

Decorated Christmas salad "Grenadier" halves of walnuts and herbs.

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