Salad Christmas oranges "Winter Dream"

→ Salad Christmas oranges "Winter Dream"

picture - Salad Christmas oranges "Winter Dream"

250 g chicken

50 g mayonnaise
some mayonnaise choose? we'll show

2 orange

1 cucumber


Disassemble the broccoli into florets, cut the legs separately boil in salted water boil for 4 minutes after boiling, and boil inflorescences, but after boiling cook them for 2 minutes.

Diced cucumber.

Cut each orange in half, carefully remove the pulp, leaving only the walls.

Cut the flesh into cubes, legs and part of the broccoli florets cut into small pieces.

Until cooked with spices (to taste) Boil the chicken, cut into small pieces and connect all the chopped ingredients, add the mayonnaise, mix well and stuff the baskets of oranges.

Next salad Christmas oranges "Winter Dream" is cooled before serving and New Year's table is made pending broccoli florets.

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