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If the holiday table or on a normal day, you make a salad with beef, then a snack lovers will appreciate the meat. This salad a lot of options to suit every taste, and today we will tell you about some of them.

Salads with meat - a delicious and satisfying, they are always popular on the holiday table. Well, in a normal day this salad is a wonderful option a full dinner or even dinner if you are aiming to lose weight and evening prefer to eat light meals. Combining beef salad with fresh vegetables, you get the easiest option - diet, balanced and healthy lunch or dinner and hearty salads for a companion to the meat should be taken boiled potatoes or rice, egg combined with vegetables, cheese, etc. For easy filling suitable vegetable oil, mixed with wine vinegar, for a calorie - mayonnaise or a combination of one-to-one cream and mayonnaise.

All of the above - it is the general principles of salads with beef, and learn more about how to make a snack, you will be offered below salad recipes with beef. These salads sure will be useful!

Making beef salad is usually made from this meat boiled, but you can use smoked and roasted meat - this taste of the dish will benefit.

Recipe light salad of beef with radish

picture - Salad with beefIngredients:

300g radish / radish / daikon
to 150g of beef and onion
30g vegetable oil
a mixture of ground pepper

Method of preparation:

How to cook a light salad with beef and vegetables. Boil the meat and cut it into medium-sized cubes. Chopped onion half rings fry until light browning in butter, add the meat, season with salt and pepper and fry until browning 3-5min. Julienne cut radish, connect with ostyvshimi onions and meat, stir and serve salad at the table.

In this salad, you can easily add other vegetables - cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, Chinese cabbage, etc. If the meat after cooking does not fry, the dish will turn out even easier. Calorie in such variations - 235kkal 100g salad.

Salad recipe with beef, apples and vegetables


100g beef
for 30g apples and pickles
15g red onion
1st.l. sour cream
? tsp mustard
1 pinch of sugar
9% vinegar and black pepper - to taste

Method of preparation:

How to prepare a salad with beef, apples and vegetables. Beef salad roast or boil, cut into thin strips. Just cut the apple and cucumber, cut into half rings onion, salt the it, sprinkle with sugar and drizzle with oil and vinegar and let the onions marinated 15min. Connect all the products in a salad bowl, add sour cream and mustard, pepper, mix, apply salad at the table.

Salad recipe beef with mushrooms and ham

picture - Salad with beefIngredients:

200g marinated mushrooms
to 150g of ham and boiled beef
100g hard cheese
3 eggs cooked
1 red onion
vinegar, mayonnaise, parsley, pepper, salt - to taste

Method of preparation:

How to prepare a salad with beef and mushrooms. Clean and rub on a grater eggs, finely chopped boiled beef, minced onion, diced medium-sized chopped ham, mushrooms, wash, dry, rub on a fine grater cheese. Put meat on the first layer on the bottom of the salad bowl, spread with mayonnaise, then put the onions, sprinkle with vinegar, cover with mayonnaise, followed by such layers (each lubricated with a small amount of mayonnaise): egg, ham, mushrooms - mushrooms after mayonnaise are not lubricated, sprinkle with grated cheese salad, cover with mayonnaise, remove before serving in cold on 2-3ch. Before serving, arrange salad greens.

Calorie Salad can be reduced by using a mixture of mayonnaise and sour cream 1 to 1. You can also make a salad no layers, just mix all the ingredients it - for everyday feeding this option is more suitable, as suggested in the recipe - for a holiday. Instead of ham you can put more beef - fantasize!

List all the options salad with beef is simply impossible - a lot of them. Combining meat with vegetables and other products you can think of a salad for every taste. We offered several options, and one look at videoretsepte.

Videoretsept salad with beef

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