Salad with smoked fish (2)

→ Salad with smoked fish (2)

picture - Salad with smoked fish (2)

Required Products:

300 g Hot smoked mackerel

2-3 pcs. boiled potatoes

2 pcs. pickles

8 Art. l. Canned green peas
some peas to choose? we'll show

1-2 pcs. boiled carrots

1/2 glass mayonnaise

Fish fillet, cucumbers, potatoes and carrots cut into slices.

Prepared ingredients combine with peas, mayonnaise part and gently mix.

When serving put in a salad bowl, pour the remaining mayonnaise, complete your slices of fish, sliced carrots, lettuce and herbs.

How to choose elektrokoptilnyu. We will tell.

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