Salad with smoked fish (2)

→ Salad with smoked fish (2)

picture - Salad with smoked fish (2)

Required Products:

300 g fillet of smoked fish

2 pcs. Red apples

2 pcs. cucumbers

1 pcs. pickled cucumber

4 pcs. boiled eggs

1 Leeks - stalk

100 g Canned green peas
some peas to choose? we'll show

2 h. l. mustard

4 Art. l. olive oil

2 Art. l. apple vinegar



1. Fish fillet slice, apples, cucumbers and eggs - slices, leeks - koltsami.2. Fish connect with apples, cucumbers, leeks, eggs and green peas.

3. For the sauce, mustard mash with salt and sugar, gradually pour in the olive oil and vinegar, whisk.

4. Fill the prepared salad dressing.

5. When a salad Put in a salad bowl and complete greenery.

How to choose elektrokoptilnyu. We will tell.

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