Salad blank "Ukrainian" of pink and green tomatoes

→ Salad blank "Ukrainian" of pink and green tomatoes

picture - Salad blank "Ukrainian" of pink and green tomatoes

For 10 1/2 liter capacity cans:

2.2 kg pink and green tomatoes

1.3 kg sweet red pepper

700 g carrots

600 g onions

450 ml vegetable oil

450 ml 6% vinegar

250 g parsley root with greens

100 g salt

10 pieces:


bay leaf

some peas to choose? we'll show

Cut the tomatoes with the stalk, wash the tomatoes and cut each into 4-6 pieces.

Wash the peppers, cut the stalk and remove the seeds, chop sticks.

15-20 minutes in water to soak the carrots, then wash it, peel and cut into strips.

Peel onions, wash, cut into 0.5 cm thick on plastics.

Clean, wash and chop the parsley root it sticks.

Rinse and dry the parsley, cut into medium-sized it.

Heat the oil to 120-130 degrees, 10 minutes, stand and cool to 70 degrees, then pour into banks, add the bay leaf, cloves and allspice.

Good mix vegetables with vinegar and salt, spread on the banks, shaking them to firm vegetables.

Then cover the jar, sterilized 50 min at 100 ° C.

Next salad blank "Ukrainian" of pink and green tomatoes rolled, flipped upside down and so is left to cool.

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