Salad-cocktail herring

→ Salad-cocktail herring

picture - Salad-cocktail herring

Required products:

200 g the smoked herring fillets
what herring to choose? we'll show

1/2 PCs boiled potatoes

1/2 PCs pickled gherkins

1/2 onion - head

20 g green onion

2 PCs peppers canned

1 PCs carrots, boiled

50 g green peas canned

2 PCs the boiled egg

2 tbsp. mayonnaise

2 tbsp. sour cream

Herring fillet, potatoes, cucumber and carrots cut into cubes, pepper - thin strips. Eggs grate on a coarse grater.Herring connect with finely chopped onions, cucumber with pepper.

Layer potatoes mixed with chopped green onions, put herring with onions, then eggs, green peas, carrots and cucumber with pepper.

Pour the mix mayonnaise with sour cream, decorate with strips of pepper and herbs.

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