Fruit salad-cocktail

→ Fruit salad-cocktail

picture - Fruit salad-cocktail

200 g heavy cream

50 g chocolate

50 g raisins

3 Mandarin

3 banana

2 kiwi

2 orange

1 Apple

To remove the core of the Apple, cut it into slices, put in the ice-cream bowls.

Cut into circles bananas, peel and slice the oranges and kiwi, to remove zest from oranges fine grater, remove the fiber, cut into slices.

Layers to put the rest of the fruit on the Apple.

Raisins to steam, chocolate RUB on a small grater.

On top of the fruit to put whipped cream, sprinkle all of raisins, zest of oranges and chocolate.

This Christmas salad can be submitted as a dessert, he will definitely have to taste all gathered at the festive table.

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