Fruit salad "Exotics"

→ Fruit salad "Exotics"

picture - Fruit salad "Exotics"

500 g apples

300 g prunes

300 g tangerines

300 g oranges

100 g walnuts

100 g sour cream

50 g raisins

20 g powdered sugar

1 lemon (juice)

Remove core apples, cut them into strips.

Remove the zest from the oranges, cut it into strips and oranges slices, peel the oranges and divide them into slices, chop.

Pour water over the prunes, bring it to the boil, allow to cool in the water, cut into strips, chop the nuts.

Put the ingredients in layers in a glass, add cream sauce with lemon juice and powdered sugar, sprinkle fruit salad Exotic orange zest before serving. Such a gorgeous salad will decorate the Christmas table, surprise guests and Pets.

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