Compote with rum and fruit

→ Compote with rum and fruit

picture - Compote with rum and fruit

200 g prunes

12 clove buds

2 orange

2 Apple

1 glass water

1 a shot of rum

? lemon (juice)

sugar (to taste)

Oranges cleaned, disassembled into slices, arrange on platter and cover with sugar, sprinkle with rum, clear and cold.

When you are syrup, pour it into a separate container.

In a small pan pour 3 tbsp. of sugar, pour water, add lemon juice and bring all to a boil.

Peel the apples from seeds and rind, lard each half Apple three clove buds.

Put in the cooked syrup apples, boil, avoiding the cooking, remove the cloves, put the apples in the dish, remove Harold.

Separately before polurazmytaya boil prunes, put on a dish to apples and slices of oranges, drizzle with syrup from oranges and apples.

Serve the compote with rum and fruit chilled.

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