"Winter fun" - assorted fruit

→ "Winter fun" - assorted fruit

picture - "Winter fun" - assorted fruit

200 g vintage pitted

4 Grapefruit

2 apples of different sorts

2 banana

2 kiwi

1 Bank of canned pineapple or peaches

1 bag cream or yogurt Bank
some yogurt to choose? we'll show

Wash the fruit, cut a grapefruit "cap", using a teaspoon to choose the flesh and take it apart to the fibers, removing all film appeared drained juice.

Clear kiwi, bananas and apples peeled, cut into small cubes.

Just cut pineapple or peaches, all combine and mix.

Add to fruit salad cream or yogurt and mix.

Put grapefruit bowl, cut the bottom a little, on the cut "caps" - stand.

Stuff New Year grapefruit salad vegetables.

Before serving on the New Year's table cool "Winter fun" - assorted fruits in the refrigerator and decorate decorations for cocktails.

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