Pineapple salad

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picture - Pineapple salad

What you need:

2 fresh pineapple

3 kiwi

250 g 1 package () frozen blackberries

Cut the top of each pineapple. With a knife, remove the pulp, cut, solid core, but the flesh into cubes, put in a sieve and allow to drain juice.

Thawed blackberries. Remove the skin from the kiwi fruit, cut the fruit into thin slices and mix with pineapple. Fruit to stack layers (to take half a BlackBerry) in pineapple shell and close the top from pineapple. Put in the refrigerator. The remaining blackberries add before serving, otherwise it will paint a pineapple.

To prepare the sauce, put the egg yolks, sugar and wine in a bowl with a thick bottom. Constantly whisking, bring to the boil and leave to simmer until the mixture becomes thick and frothy. Do not use an aluminum pan and steel whisk at the same time, it will affect the color of the sauce.

As it cools down from time to time, the sauce continue to beat. In the cooled sauce to pour the whipped cream. Serve the sauce to the salad.

Bon appetit!

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