Snacks, sauces and condiments homemade hot pepper sauce

→ Snacks, sauces and condiments homemade hot pepper sauce

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In stores today you can easily find lots of options for all kinds of sauces and seasonings, but for all Housewives who care about what eats their family, shelves with these products have no value. To cook a delicious condiments, sauces and snacks and their hands, and this is done quickly enough, and is much tastier.

Pepper is a member of many spicy seasonings, and today we have gathered for you the sauce recipes with this ingredient. So, let's see what kind of snack, seasoning or sauce can be prepared, if you have a home in the presence of hot peppers in fresh or dried form.

Recipe snacks spicy sweet ARIS

You will need: 500 g of dried red pepper, 2 pod red pepper, 1-2 cloves of garlic, 5 tablespoons of olive oil.

How to make spicy sweet snack with pepper. Soak overnight peppers. If hot peppers, soaked it, if fresh - grind together with soaked sweet peppers and garlic, add olive oil, stir. Ready Ariza then placed in jars and stored in a refrigerated or freezer.

Cooking homemade sauces and seasonings - it usually does not troublesome, especially if your house has a blender. Enough to try to do different makeready several times, and you don't want to buy ready-made seasoning with unnecessary and harmful additives in stores.

Recipe seasoning "Green Shug"

You will need: 5-6 cloves of garlic, 5 hot peppers medium size, 3 cardamom seeds, 1 tsp. cumin or cumin and black pepper peas, 1.5 cups coriander.

How to make seasoning with pepper and coriander. Grind the cumin and black pepper and cardamom. In a blender until smooth mix all the products, if desired, if too thick add a quarter Cup of cooled boiled water. To spice better store add 1-2 tbsp olive oil. First Shugo should be allowed to stand overnight at room temperature, then it can be stored in a refrigerator.

Another "green" snack, which can be done quickly from herbs and spices - green chutney.

The recipe for green chutney

You will need: 3 pepper medium cloves of garlic, 1 medium onion, 1 Cup coriander, ? Cup mint leaves, ? lemon (juice) 1-2 tsp. of honey.

How to prepare green chutney. Clean the vegetables, wash everything and dry, mix in a blender, if the dressing is too thick, add a quarter Cup of water.

Another based sauce hot pepper Caribbean.

Recipe Caribbean sauce with hot pepper

You will need: 2 pod pepper, 1 Cup of fresh lime juice, 1 tbsp. of sea salt.

How to cook spicy Caribbean sauce. Of the pepper to remove the seeds and white pith, cut into small pieces, put the fruit in a container, pour the lime juice, in which the dissolved salt, close the lid and remove the container of seasoning in the cold, leave for 4 days, then the seasoning is ready for use.

Caribbean sauce is perfect for boiled fish, grilled meat and vegetables.

Recipes conservation seasoning with pepper

picture - Snacks, sauces and condiments homemade hot pepper sauce

Various seasonings and sauces hot pepper sauce can be prepared for the winter.

Recipe seasoning with pepper for the winter

You will need: 1.5 kg bell pepper, 100g garlic, 4 pepper, 3 tsp. of salt.

How to make seasoning with pepper for the winter. With sweet peppers, cut off the stem, remove the seeds, hot peppers seeds can not be removed - you will get sharper, cut the peppers together with cleaned garlic in a meat grinder or chop in a blender, add salt, stir. Put the seasoning in small sterilized jars, seal sterile plastic lids and store in the refrigerator.

Recipe traditional hot pepper sauce for the winter

You will need: 5 kg acute peppers, 1 kg of sea not iodized or plain salt, 500g garlic, 1 Cup of freshly ground coriander.

How to make eggplant hot pepper sauce for the winter. One layer put hot pepper on the towel and 3 days to dry in the shade. Grease hands with oil, to wear durable gloves, peppers, wash, cut, delete partitions and seeds. Peel and garlic together with the prepared pepper grind in a meat grinder or blender, grind, mix with coriander, 2 more times to twist, add salt, stir, put the eggplant into sterilized jars and seal with sterile lids.

Recipe green adzhika for the winter

You will need: 3 kg pepper, 200g garlic, 30ml of vinegar, 2 beam celery and cilantro, 1 bunch of dill, 1 tsp. ground coriander, salt to taste.

How to cook green adjika for the winter. Wash peppers, remove seeds and partitions, peel the garlic, rinse and Pat dry grass, finely chop them. Garlic and pepper grind in a meat grinder, add the greens, cut two more times, add salt to taste, add the coriander and vinegar, stir, put in sterile jars and seal.

Cook homemade condiments and enjoy their wonderful taste!

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