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The vegetables are always fresh or canned form are on our holiday tables, and are a very popular snack. In this article we will discuss how you can beautifully decorate the plate with vegetable cuts.

Fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and other vegetables today all year round to buy at any big-box store, and not all of us trust this winter vegetables in good demand during the holidays they are in high. The same can be said about pickled, salted vegetables. It is hard to imagine the holiday table without vegetables in any form they are a great starter, and without them meal at any holiday would have been much more modest.

It has long been popular cucumbers, tomatoes and sweet peppers, and greens, in recent years there have been such vegetables as celery, tomatoes, avocado, etc., In General, today, even in winter you can make from vegetables very beautiful multicomponent snack. Well, the design of such snacks will not take much time if you use the photo ideas.

Like other snacks, vegetables can you arrange using only one greens.

picture - Beautiful design vegetable cutspicture - Beautiful design vegetable cutspicture - Beautiful design vegetable cuts

To complement fresh vegetables can be marinated, pickled or salted, for example, as in the following photo - sauerkraut.

picture - Beautiful design vegetable cuts

Very often, apart from greens for processing vegetable cuts used products such as olives.

picture - Beautiful design vegetable cutspicture - Beautiful design vegetable cuts

For such a beautiful design cut carrots, peppers, red and yellow colors and celery thick strips, also use olives and tomatoes. The cucumber should almost completely peel, leaving only her thin strips, then cut into thin slices diagonally (at an angle not 90, and 45 degrees). Cover the dish with lettuce leaves, in the center put the sauce, put the sectors vegetables and olives, garnish place around sauce curly parsley.

If you pay the registration vegetable slicing a little more time, you can make a very beautiful composition, dicing vegetables in the form of flowers, as in the following photo.

picture - Beautiful design vegetable cuts

Flowers carved from radishes, decorated with sliced black olives, also used cucumber and tomato. For flowers of cucumber and tomato thin long strips cut these vegetables and turn them into flowers.

picture - Beautiful design vegetable cuts

Will not be difficult to make such cuts: tomatoes make great flower, put it in the centre of the dish on a bed of greens, put around the cucumber. The cucumber should be cut along the long thin slices and lay lapped in a circle, then minimize the accordion and every stick on the wand greens (you can replace the greens with skewers or toothpicks).

picture - Beautiful design vegetable cuts

Such a beautiful cutting too easy to make: take plum tomatoes, cut from the top of the zigzag - work "tulips" from redison cut flowers, cut into strips cucumber and julienne peppers, decorate with greens.

If you compose vegetables with cheese, you can make a very beautiful presentations: the following cuts are used tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese, Basil, olives and finely chopped parsley.

picture - Beautiful design vegetable cutspicture - Beautiful design vegetable cuts

In order to make such a plate, which is more accurately be called a cheese-vegetable, take the mozzarella cheese in the form of small and large beads, cut into large slices and overlap in a circle put on a flat dish with chopped cups tomatoes, and small along with the tomatoes put in a circle. Garnish with Basil, flower of tomato and sprinkle with herbs.

Make snacks nicely and enjoy a delicious and elegant table!

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