Ham roll stuffed with cheese

→ Ham roll stuffed with cheese

picture - Ham roll stuffed with cheese

500 g cheese (edam, gouda or Russian)

500 g cooked ham plastics

4 cloves of garlic

1 bunch green onions

6 Art. l. mayonnaise (mayonnaise)
some mayonnaise choose? we'll show

? h. l. curry powder

freshly ground black pepper

red hot chili pepper (pinch)

Passed through a press garlic, grate cheese, finely chopped white part of green onions.

On a dry frying pan fry the curry for 20 seconds, stir with peppers and mayonnaise, combine with onions and garlic, cheese and mix thoroughly.

Lubricate cooked cheese mass every plastic ham, roll them roll, put a seam down on a dish, food wrap film, before being sent to New Year's table put into the refrigerator for half an hour, crushing a light load.

Then Christmas snack is removed from the refrigerator 15 minutes and kept at room temperature, decorated with herbs and served on New Year's table.

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